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The term example paper applies in academic writing, which is one of the main writing domains BridgeText covers.

The essay writing industry’s open secret is that papers written by academic ghostwriters are often submitted as original work. Clearly, there is a lucrative and well-established market for plagiarism of this kind. BridgeText’s approach is different. Our example papers are genuinely example papers: We do not, for instance, offer feedback-based revision services, which exist only because customers—breaking terms and conditions—submit example papers as their own, get feedback from their professors, and ask the writing company to do the rework. Our revisions are based solely on the failure of writers to meet clients’ stated requirements.

Professional academics learn to write by reading academic articles in their field—often on the identical topics in which they are interested. Providing clients with example papers is certainly an abusable business practice, but example papers are also ideal for inspiring, teaching, and acculturating students who have no idea of what a good paper looks like. An expert showing you ‘Here’s how I would do it’ is often at the basis of learning, and that sums up what we’re trying to achieve in the domain of academic writing.

A great many legitimate learning services can be abused. Calculus homework can be done with the assistance of an online mathematics engine, for example. The fact that math software can be abused to generate calculus homework is not, however, an argument against software; similarly, we do our best to reduce the abusability of our writing platform. At BridgeText, our refusal to offer revisions based on the feedback of a third party (such as a professor) demonstrates that our business practices align with our beliefs. We think that students ought to be able to access expertly written papers on any topic, but as a learning tool, not as a means of plagiarism.